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Our Mission

Dithabeng Mining-Mphahlele is the first joint community mining venture with an envisaged rapid roll out to mine and develop mineral resources in a number of communities across the region with each community as its partner. Dithabeng Mining’s mission is that the positive impact of our mining endeavours will be clearly evident in the economic prospects and living conditions of our mining-related communities.

For example, in Ga-Mphahlele we drilled boreholes for the community long before any parties signed any agreements. We have already developed a school feeding programme, funded a security guard training programme, provided employment, erected fences, and are accelerating the drive for service delivery to Mphahlele … and mining hasn’t even begun yet!

Today, Dithabeng Mining and the Bakgaga Ba Mphahlele Traditional Authority have merged their visions and formed Dithabeng Mining Mphahlele.

Dithabeng Mining is the strategic, financial, operational, and marketing BEE partner that brings with it its capability and expertise to prospect and mine the farm M’phatlele 457 KS. The Bakgaga Ba Mphahlele Traditional Authority has entered a JV with Dithabeng Mining, who undertakes to provide all the financing and technical expertise for the prospecting, the mining operations, and the marketing of products. The transaction is fully endorsed by the Mphahlele Traditional Council, and the entire Mphahlele community.

Our pioneering business model makes provisions for the upfront prepayment of projected dividends to the community in advance. This is being done so as to give impetus to our vision of developing the communities and the people surrounding the mines. This radical and bold innovation is what makes Dithabeng Mining a progressive, trailblazing, socially conscious black mining company.

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