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Mining Charter 2017

Dithabeng Mining supports the goal of bringing about radical change in the mining sector and the company subscribes fully to the principles of the Mining Charter.

The new Mining Charter released on 15 June 2017 for gazetting, has enforced the following with immediate effect:

  • A minimum of 30% Black ownership consisting of 8% by an employee shareholding, 8% for mine communities and 14% for Black entrepreneurs;

  • A minimum of 50% Black ownership, plus one Black person shareholding, all with voting rights, for all new exploration licences;

  • A board consisting of 50% of Black directors, with 25% of them being women;

  • Top management consisting of 50% Black management, with 25% of them being ¬†women;

  • Middle management consisting of 75% Black management, with 38% of them being women;

  • Junior management consisting of 88% Black management, with 44% of them being women;

  • 70% of all mining goods bought must be from Black, economically-empowered entities;

  • 80% of all services must be sourced from Black, economically-empowered entities;

  • 100% of all mineral samples must be analysed by South African-based firms;

  • 1% of annual turnover of foreign suppliers must be paid to the Mining Transformation and Development Agency (MTDA);

  • 11% will be offset against Black economic empowerment requirements for companies that have been invested in mineral beneficiation since 2004;

  • Mining companies must provide decent housing, home ownership, social human settlements, affordable, equitable and sustainable health facilities and proper nutrition.

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