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Funding Model

In breaking through the traditional glass ceiling of the mining sector with a fresh implementable vision, the disruptive innovators of Dithabeng Mining have diversified from the old and rigid model of traditional funding streams towards a bold and innovative funding model whereby their own capital resources have been secured and will be channelled into various projects and initiatives within the Communities. This creative and innovative funding model thereby enables Dithabeng Mining to be a partner that will not just offer these Communities total end-to-end solutions, but will be bringing/utilising all its own skills in-house.


Dithabeng Mining’s alternative funding model means that new transactions will not be governed by the traditional requirements of big banking institutions which impose very stringent regulations and conservative lending requirements. And whilst Dithabeng Mining is diligently risk-focussed, it is open to funding mining opportunities for the upliftment and development of communities that multinationals and banks may not be interested in.

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