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About Dithabeng Mining

Dithabeng Mining, a Black Economic Empowerment company, was born in 2015 by fearless trailblazing entrepreneurs and executives who, together with the historically disadvantaged communities, will lead various projects and initiatives that will facilitate and enable entry into, partnerships with, and more importantly, participation through ownership by previously disadvantaged Black Communities in the mining and minerals industry.

What initially began as a series of conversations between lifelong friends with a fierce desire and passion to reshape the current trajectory of predominantly White multinational monopoly, Dithabeng Mining has proudly emerged as a fusion of socio-economic capitalistic ideology and a strong community development – consciousness for the benefit of disadvantaged Black communities in and around the bushveld complex in Limpopo South Africa.

The collective experience of this group of entrepreneurs from various sectors, including the mining and minerals industry, has exposed them to the urgent and very real need for radical economic change in South Africa from a grassroots level. It was this call for change that could no longer be denied; and a change that they were prepared to drive at their own risk.

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